1.Simple Flow
As there are no guide flow of disk in low stage of valve body, there are no sticking phenomenon with disk, and aljien substances (stone, sand, rust resident) is not accumulated, the obstacle in site in advance, and resistance of flow body will be minimized and the flow body will be smooth.
2. Perfect Watertightness of Rubber Compressed Type
As the upper sheet part is all side rubber compressed method, not to be tape type of wedge, there are no abrasion and there are atrusture (refer to right side) to secure the perfect wateright not to effect waterightness for bend of pipeline condition installed the valve, and a little variation of hew building.
3.Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating + Rubber Lining

As the Fosion Bonded Epoxy Coating will be employed in the inside of valve and in the disk, whole type of all rubber lining will be employed, the rust generation will be prevented in advance.

4.Mutual Exchange

As the spare parts will have the mutual exchange, exchange of the damaged spare parts will be possible in the condition of piping of valve. The working (valve disk is no need of scraping) will not be needed.

5.Perfect Opening & Closing Operation
As it is employed the rubber compressed type of sealing, it is simple and joyful while opening&closing of valve.
6.Easy for Handling of piping
As it is fitted together with compacted structure, hight strength of spheroidal graphitic cast iron (other name is Ductile/GCD450), Foot for installation, it is easy for working of transportation, custody and piping works than the existed valve.

7. Convenient for Maintenance

In the time of use, in case of leakage from the valve, the sealing spare parts of valve(Packing) could be simply exchanged in the condition of perfectly opened the valve, in the situation of water flowing.

8. Various Type of Usage/Outside Screw Type of Valve

As the outside screw type of valve, other than powder coating and rubber lining, is not contacted to the using fluid to screw portion of valve, it will be used to the every kind of fluid, as selected to match to usage of each material of parts, such as rubber, valve and valve nut.
In particular, diaphragm valve that is widely used in sewage treatment plant is difficult to be used by brokage (to ripped up) under using of diaphragm of rubber plate that is cut-off membrane placed in the valve main body, but the soft seal sluice valve is a seat structure formed all of inside & diaphragm valve and it is convenient for use and has long life.

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