As looking at thoroughly through perspective window formed by 2 of strengthened glass inside of pipeline and valve, we can confirm the flow of water, position of disk, leakage condition of seat and abrasion condition and turbidity of fluid and in the time of accidence in the pipeline, we can clearly understand. Therefore, it is butterfly valve attached perpective window to reform miraculously to the maintenance of the facility.
Feature of Products
1.Since we can clearly look at inside of valve, we can mange it by scientifically and effectively.
2.Since we can grasp all apare parts inside of valve, we can clearly grasp life of valve and leakage condition, leaking quantity, factor for abrasion, exchange of rubber valve.
3.In case of lots for operating times, in case that leakage will be occurred not to accord to valve body seat and position of disk caused by tooth abrasion of worm wheel, we can have re-setting after confimation through perspective window and we can prevent water leakage and it will be used for long time.
4.While the water cutting from metropolitan city water works&water cut-off of pipeline, since it is clearly confirmed for flow of water and discharge of air, it will be good for the pipeline maintenance.
5.When the valve will be opened and closed, since we can know a moment if an alien substances is sticken or not through perspective window by unreasonable force to T-key, we can prevent damage of valve and life will go longer.
6.We can grasp rust in pipline, dusty of water by perspective window of valve
7.We can understand sand and deposit in down part of pipe and valve through perspective window.
8.When we could not understand due to obstacle of indication plate of valve, we can perfectly understand root and we could not give any obstacle to wateer sending quantity and transmit of water.
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